Coaching Philosophy   

Our goal in coaching is to provide exceptional training.  Teaching our students how to learn, compete, perform, strengthen muscles, develop flexibility, and coordination is our focus.  We want your skater to reach their potential and have fun in the wonderful journey that advancing in skating can provide.  We want our skaters to be self-taught and motivated during their practice times.  Skaters should bring a notebook out on the ice to keep them on track.  They must be able to apply the knowledge we give them when they are practicing on their own.  As parents you can encourage positive practice.


About us

Credentials and Background

I have been coaching over 25 years.  I have coached USFS Regional, Sectional, and National competitors, and ISI World Champion Teams.  I have taught skaters through their Senior Gold Tests in Moves in the Field, Figures, Freestyle, and Ice Dance.    I have Master Rated PSA ratings in Figures, Freestyle.  Plus, we are Gold Level ISI Coaches and Judges, as well as USFS Gold Medallists in Figures and Freestyle.  We have toured in famous ice shows, “Ice Follies’ and “Razzle Dazzle.”  Additionally we have choreographed professional ice shows, “Symphony on Ice” and “Ice Castle.”  I have an extensive background in dance, nutrition, and sport psychology from UNLV.  We have worked with sport trainers and have taught group classes in ballet, stretch, jump, and conditioning.  We have made skating our life. We hope you will too.

About Erica

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