Competition Fees

Competition Checklist

  1. BulletArrive at the rink  45  min. earlier than your skating warm-up time.

  2. BulletCheck in your MUSIC.

  3. BulletHave your skates polished, laces washed and laced up. Use skate GUARDS.

  4. BulletHair pulled back off your face (cross any bobbi-pins). Spray your hair.

  5. BulletCarry an extra pair of tights (beige color) for warmth and in case of runs.

  6. BulletDon’t wear underwear (might show).

  7. BulletBring a buttoned or zipped sweater and gloves for practice.

  8. BulletMake-up can be worn lightly.

  9. BulletEat carbohydrates the night before. Eat your last meal TWO or THREE hours before you skate.

  10. BulletNo sugar, especially no soda, before you skate. Eating a small snack before event time is okay.

  11. BulletHave a positive “do your best attitude and a SMILE.”

  12. BulletGet your skates sharpened 1-2 weeks before the competition. Leave skates for sharpening in milk-crate in instructors room.

Download Form HereCompetition_Fees_files/Competition%20Checklist%20Download%20Form.pdf


Performance is required to pass skating skills and what a better way to do this than by earning an award. Competitions are extremely rewarding and valuable experience for each skater’s growth as a skater and performer. Each skater gets a chance to show his or hers improvement. I want each skater to feel confident  with their routines so we like them to stay consistent with their lessons and practices. I have competitions every two to three months. I like the skater to perform at other ice rinks to get more competitive experience. When I do go to these competitions plan on practicing at that ice rink at least a week or two before for preparation purposes. I want your skater to be able to do several types of skating routines. The types range from: technical, which is showing off their skating level skills; spotlights/artistic, which are to show off their creative side; footwork routines showing off their agility on the ice. I edit the correct length of music to fit each individual event and give you your own CD of your skating music.

Competition Prices

            Professional                           $45/20    

               Traveling                                Varies

               Music Editing                         $35

               USFS Test Fee                      $45