Lesson Fees

Payment Policies

My goals in coaching are to provide exceptional training. To run a professional and effective business, I require lessons to be paid a month in advance for the full month. In my many years of coaching, we have observed that the students that pay the full month in advance, are also the most consistent trainers, improving at an accelerated pace as they are increasing in strength, flexibility, and muscle memory. Thus, staying in shape.

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A 24-hour notice is required for any cancellation. If a 24 hr. notice is not given the lesson needs to be paid for. Cancelled lessons will be rescheduled as well as a last minute illness from school. Please call ASAP so we have time to fill your slot. CALL (909) 230-3684.



I am dedicated in providing the service each skater deserves in a timely manner and that means staying on time. If you have questions please ask them during during the lesson time, write them down, or call my voice mail. We’d be happy to answer all your questions or conflicts. We’d rather you ask us than for you to hear someone else’s answer that might not pertain to your special circumstance.


Wear appropriate athletic clothing for skating. Skating dresses or skirts do help the ice skater to feel like a skater and improves the performance by not hindering movement. As a coach I can see the knees and posture when the skater wears fitted outfits and make sure its flexible. Layer clothing instead of big bulky coats. Please keep hair off your face, tying it back with a scrunchie and hair clips.


Have your own pair of skates. Quality skates will make your skating easier to learn as well as to perform and excel. I want your skater to be able to do their best that is why we sell top quality ice skates. We individualize the type of skate you should be wearing according to your ability and physically size and strength. Our skates should last you a year before you either outgrown them or need to move to a more advanced pair.

Take care of your skates by wearing blade guards when you are not on the ice. Please dry your skates thoroughly and cover them with soakers when you are finished for the day. Skates need to be sharpened after every 20 hours of skating. Dull blades will impair the ability for the skater to perform skills correctly. Also, get your skates sharpened a week before a competition. We provide exceptional skate technicians and will take good care of your skates.

Private Lesson Prices

              15 Min. $23 and 30 Min. $45                       

            Lessons are available. Please

               call to schedule your time.