My goal in coaching is to provide exceptional training. Teaching my students how to learn, compete, perform, strengthen muscles, develop flexibility, and coordination is my focus. I want your skater to reach their potential and have fun in the wonderful journey that advancing in skating can provide. I want my skaters to be self-taught and motivated during their practice times. Skaters should bring a notebook out on the ice to keep them on track. They must be able to apply the knowledge we give them when they are practicing on their own. As parents you can encourage positive practice.



Coaching Philosophy


I encourage you to set goals. I will guide you with your goals so I will all be on the same track. I are committed to help you realize your goals and achieve your potential.

Private Lessons

    Private skating lessons are available to skaters of any age and ability level at any time. A skater does not need to complete all the Learn to Skate levels to begin private lessons. Private lessons offer more personal attention for skaters who want to progress more quickly through the skating levels. Private lessons may be scheduled during any public session or Freestyle session. For more information or to schedule private lessons call: Erica  (909) 230-3684.

     Our Mission: My goal is to provide figure skaters with an avenue to pursue their personal best in the sport of figure skating with the highest quality of instruction and utmost compassion.

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